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PrimeCAP® Encapsulated Ingredients

Encapsulated Ingredients

IFP's process can encapsulate almost any dry free-flowing powder in a particle range of 200 to 4,000 microns. We can assist you in developing an encapsulated ingredient per desired functionality or have you choose from IFP's existing line of encapsulated ingredients marketed under the trade name PrimeCAP.

IFP's extensive encapsulation experience includes:

  • food acidulants (citric, malic, tartaric)
  • salts (sodium and potassium chloride)
  • leavening bases (sodium and potassium bicarbonate)
  • leavening acids (citric, GDL, SAPP, SALP, MCP)
  • bakery mold inhibitors (fumeric, sorbic, cal propionate)
  • nutrients/ pro-oxidants (ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate)

IFP's Specialty Ingredients Group is a natural extension of IFP's fluid-bed powder processing technology which has been utilized for 30 years to create our instantized (agglomerated) powders as well as our encapsulated ingredients.

For more information on IFP's Specialty Ingredients contact us at or call us at 800.997.4437

PrimeCAP® Applications
PrimeCAP Applications

By isolating an ingredient from its environment until release or interaction is desired, new and uniquely functional products can be created. Find out more about our controlled release ingredients and what they can achieve.

PrimeCAP® Encapsulated Ingredients
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Ascorbic Acid

Encapsulated Ascorbic acid is a more stable form of Vitamin-C that can be used in food and dietary supplement products.  Encapsulated Ascorbic acid allows for reduced overages while better assuring end-of-shelf-life label claims due to more consistent survival through varied storage conditions.   Encapsulated Ascorbic acid is used in baking to replace the gassing source of bromates.


Citric Acid

Encapsulated citric acid is used in sour candies to both retain sour intensity as well as deliver an extended release of flavor. Encapsulated citric acid is used to directly acidify sausage meats (added with seasonings) assuring consistent and safe pH levels, consistent flavor, and reducing smoke-house time by 50% or more.

Encapsulated citric acid (water soluble coating) is used in powdered teas and tea bags to reduce hygroscopicity of this flavoring acid.

Fumaric Acid

Encapsulated Fumaric acid is used in tortillas and breads to extend shelf-life without negatively impacting the performance of the leavening system or dough rheology. Encapsulated Fumaric acid is used in confections to deliver an extended flavor release.


Encapsulated Salt is used in meats to reduce the negative impact on meat-proteins and to minimize the impact on freeze/thaw temperatures. Encapsulated Salt is used in baking to minimize the impact on Yeast.  Encapsulated salt is also surface sanded onto fresh pretzel, muffins, and similar baked good to reduce the staling effect (moisture scavenging) and loss of visual appeal of salt dissolving over time.