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No Partially Hydrogenated Oil Encapsulated Ingredients

No Partially Hydrogenated Oil Encaps

Remove Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils From Your Encapsulated Ingredients Without Affecting Taste, Texture or Shelf-life

Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (PHOs) were an early “modifier” to overcome brittleness properties of fully hydrogenated oils (+25 years ago).  Applications where cold or freezing conditions were present or where significant physical abrasion was likely, were challenged with high rates of coating failure – so coating blends to achieve “flex-properties” were easily and inexpensively produced with the addition of very low levels of PHOs.

In June of 2015, the US Food & Drug Administration concluded that PHO’s were no longer generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and directed that they are phased out of foods sold in the US by June 2018. 

Like many in the food industry, IFP began work to remove PHOs in 2013, evaluating label-friendly modifiers as well as considering process modifications that could achieve the same or better flex-properties that PHO’s had provided for years.  It was quickly discovered that Process Improvements over IFP’s 30+ years was now creating more and thinner microscopic layers of coating which provided the desired freeze-thaw and fracture-resistance properties, in most cases, without modifiers!

IFP now offers all of our PrimeCAP® Encapsulated Ingredients with No-PHO coatings.  Our coating toolbox also contains Non-Hydrogenated oils as well as higher-temperature coating systems.  We also offer water-soluble coatings in our ever expanding line of PrimeCAP and custom encapsulated and agglomerated ingredient offerings.

IFP’s No-PHO PrimeCAP®encapsulated ingredients include, but are not limited to:

      Encapsulated Ascorbic Acid    Encapsulated Lactic             Encapsulated Sodium diacetate

      Encapsulated B-Vitamins       Encapsulated Malic acid      Encapsulated Sorbic acid

      Encapsulated Citric acid         Encapsulated Salt                Encapsulated Sugar

      Encapsulated Caffeine            Encapsulated Sea Salt         Encapsulated Tartaric acid

      Encapsulated Fumaric acid    Encapsulated Pretzel Salt    Encapsulated Vinegar powder

      Encapsulated GDL                  

IFP’s Specialty Ingredient Group welcomes new challenges to develop an ingredient that performs to specific application challenges.  You can contact us at:

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In response to the implementation of the FDA ruling requiring food manufacturers to remove Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHO) from products, Innovative Food Processors (IFP) has rolled out a variety of compliant encapsulated food ingredients to replace those that formerly utilized PHO coatings. These coatings were formally used to provide improved physical stress and freeze-thaw survival and IFP’s development effort resulted in new coatings that provide similar levels of functionality and performance.

IFP Supports Food Industry by Introducing New Lines of Encapsulated Food Ingredients Free from Partially Hydrogenated Oils.

Innovative Food Processors, inc. (IFP) in response to the long awaited FDA ruling requiring food manufacturers to remove Partially Hydrogenated Oil (PHO) ingredients from products, recently rolled out a variety of encapsulated food ingredients to replace those that formerly utilized PHO coatings to provide improved freeze-thaw performance.