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Gums, Starches & Rice Maltodextrin

Gums, Starches & Rice Maltodextrin

Our instantized gums and starches are dust free, free flowing and easily dispersible.  Because there is no need for pre-blending, hydration or special equipment, these outstanding ingredients have the potential to increase profit margins by reducing labor, production time and cost. 

IFP's Inst*Thick® gums and Insta*Starch® ingredients offer consistently dust-free and fully functional ingredients for a wide range of applications. 

As a lower cost alternative to using individual instantized gums, our Vis*Quick® blends are specially formulated to maximize functionality and minimize cost.

Rice*Trin 16® is an ideal carrier for high intensity sweeteners such as stevia.

Our Rice*Trin® ingredients are natural, sulfite-free, hypoallergenic products that offer excellent label perception and are key ingredients in many high quality infant formulas, sports drinks, beverages and bakery filling.

Product Applications

IFP offers an impressive range of gums and starches, as well as rice maltodextrin products that provide enhanced dispersion, solubility and functionality.

Sample Product Request

We are always happy to provide you samples and technical support.

Xanthan Gum

Agglomerated Xanthan gum is used for thickening, stabilizing, and preventing separation in dressings and sauces.

Potato Maltodextrin

Potato maltodextrin is an ingredient commonly used as an excipient or thickening agent in a variety of applications.

Rice Maltodextrin
Insta*Rice Trin® is an instantized low-water form of clean-label rice maltodextrin designed for use as a filler or standardizing media in powders, tablets and capsules containing moisture sensitive active ingredients such as probiotics.