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Versatile Packaging

Versatile Packaging

Packaging Solutions

IFP offers additional turnkey powder processing and packaging solutions.  From PET and HDPE containers and jugs to stick pouches, fiber form cans and sachets, we have everything you need to package and deliver your powder product to the shelf.

We are always willing to develop a new packaging alternative with you to ensure an innovative solution tailored to suit your specific product's needs.

Stick Packaging Lines (PDF)



Equipment Type Capacity
Stick Pouches 720,000 units/day (30mm)
300,000 units/day (23mm)
240,000 units/day (62mm)
Fiber form cans 15,000 – 30,000 units/day depending on the configuration
PET & HDPE bottles 10,000 – 50,000 units/day depending on the configuration
Plastic containers 15,000 – 40,000 units/day depending on the configuration
Pouches/Sachets 50,000 – 90,000 units/day depending on the configuration

Stick Pouch ExampleStick pouches are long, skinny, flexible packages sealed on both ends with an additional seal down the back. Stick pouches can hold a single gram to a few dozen grams of product. They are perfect for instantized drink mixes, sport beverages, medical foods, and nutrition drinks. Because they are thinner than conventional square or rectangular pillow pouches, they are less difficult to dispense than square pouches. They are also a favorite for on-the-go nutrition.

IFP has recently added a 60mm stick pack line that offers the ability to disperse larger quantity of material in the popular stick pack format.

Fiber Can ExampleFiber form cans consist of paper body and metal ends and provide a cost effective delivery for numerous retail-ready powder products.


Can diameter options:

  • Small: 401 (4 inch 1/16)
  • Large: 502 (5 inch 2/16)

Can height options:

  • 311 - 808

Stick Pouch ExamplePlastic is an excellent water and moisture barrier material. PET are widely used to further reduce oxygen permeability and HDPE is known for its large strength to density ratio, making it more opaque and able to withstand higher temperatures.

  • Large variety of configurations available as small as spice containers and as large as a 1.9 gallon jug.

sachet packaging examplePouches/Sachets are the most versatile packaging option available. We can generate a variety of sizes. Our pouch production is product specific – with varying daily production capabilities depending on the product being produced. Our production capabilities include both VFFS pouches and HFFS pouches.