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Resources & Support

Resources and Support

A Trusted Resource

In addition to our core technologies and services, IFP offers a number of support services to help you in the commercialization of your powder product. Our turnkey process is the perfect powder package.  We look forward to helping you execute in any stage of your development.

Supply Chain

IFP will also arrange the storage of your products and all logistics with your carriers or our own carriers.  Just tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest.

Ingredient Supply

Your time is money.  IFP can save you both by offering services to procure all the raw materials for your product.  Our purchasing volumes often lead to favorable pricing for you.Save time by not having to obtain quotes, place orders and arrange logistics and avoid all risk of loss to the ingredients and products made from them.  Should there be supplier problems, we take care of all the losses and claims.