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Particle Engineering

Particle Engineering

What is Particle Engineering?

Particle engineering is the science of modifying particles into a defined shape, size distribution, and/ or composition. Particle engineering technologies are often used to enhance the performance of ingredients and/ or formulas that have issues such as poor solubility, negative ingredient interactions or bad taste profiles. By increasing inherent functionality through particle engineering, food and beverage scientists are able to overcome challenges and deliver a higher quality, uniform product.

IFP’s commercialization team is made up of product development experts and particle engineers. Together they develop high performance powder products that exceed expectations in solubility, taste, and sensory characteristics.  With over 30 years experience, our team can quickly define a problem and use a number of particle engineering process technologies to deliver powerful solutions that enhance the performance of your powder.

IFP’s current particle engineering technologies include: fluid bed agglomeration, coating, encapsulation, blending, milling, and classifying.

We enhance functionality through

  • Improved dissolution or solubility
  • Dust-free processing & reduced dust formation
  • Flowability improvement (free flowing)
  • Homogeneity & stability against segregation
  • Improved dose uniformity
  • Increasing bulk density
  • Protecting active substances from moisture, oxidation (encapsulation)
  • Controlling release of active substances
  • Enhancing shelf life
  • Smell and taste masking
  • Stabilization of mixtures
  • Reducing hygroscopicity


Look to IFP’s state-of-the art technologies, premium production facilities and world-class quality assurance to deliver your next perfect powder product.