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Fluid Bed Batch Agglomeration

Simple blends of dry ingredients can't match the rapid dispersion into solution achieved by the use of batch fluid bed agglomeration.  IFP has more than three decades of experience and is the industry leader in fluid bed agglomeration technology.  To achieve functionality and powder uniformity in food and beverage powders, to instantize, improve product dispersion or flow, arrive at precise dosing, or reduce product dusting.  Look to our world-class contract agglomeration services.

IFP’s batch fluid-bed system allows for modification of coating material, % coating, and other properties to impart customized survival and release properties to this and other active ingredients.

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What is Agglomeration?

Fluid Bed Batch Agglomeration connects multiple particles together with bridges that allow water to flow  between particles to enhance solubility and create a high performance powder product.