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Process Development

Process Development

The Science of Successful Scale Up

The scale up process can be one of the most challenging stages in the commercialization of a powder product.  Our scale up team is a great resource in your product development, processing and manufacturing cycle. Our pilot production facilities assure successful prototype development under fully optimized conditions.  Integrated communication between our pilot plant, trial run staff, and manufacturing teams allow for a clean relay of information.

We begin by reviewing or designing a formula that has the optimum chance for success in the scale up process. We'll check overall product performance parameters such as solubility, flavor profile and ingredient delivery and have them interpreted by our technical team.  Prototypes are then generated in our pilot plant using an experimental approach.  These prototypes help us to monitor your product and make quantitative and qualitative changes in real time.

Using your optimized pilot plant formula, we scale up to plant trial batch sizes.  Meanwhile, we correlate the processing data essential for product integrity and efficient run times.  After this stage is complete, you will have a solid foundation to manufacture your new product and get it on the shelf quickly.