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What is Instantized Rice Maltodextrin?


Insta* Rice Trin® is an instantized low-water form of clean-label rice maltodextrin designed for use as a filler or standardizing media in powders, tablets and capsules containing moisture sensitive active ingredients such as probiotics. 
Insta Rice Trin is a clean label ingredient commonly used as an excipient or thickening agent in a variety of applications.  As a thickener, it’s commonly used in such applications as:
  • soups
  • sauces
  • gravies
  • salad dressings.

With high intensity sweeteners, it’s commonly used as a clean label carrier.

With highly sensitivity active ingredients, especially those to water activity such as probiotics, it’s utilized as a highly flowable clean label excipient/diluent. Its properties make it ideal for tablets and capsules.

Agglomerated Rice Maltodextrin

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Insta Rice Trin LWA: Agglomerated rice maltodextrin Low Water Activity
Moisture: 3% Max
Particle Size: 10% max on 20 mesh
Insta Rice Trin: Agglomerated rice maltodextrin
Moisture: 6% max
Particle Size: 10% Max on 20 Mesh


Insta-Rice Trin can be used anywhere maltodextrin is used. The functionality in the same but the label will reflect rice.

Insta Rice Trin LWA is specifically produced for use with probiotics or other sensitive actives. The water activity is driven down to an optimized level perfectly suited for these types of formulations.

Insta Rice Trin is an agglomerated or rapidly dispersible optimized version of maltodextrin. Through processing the particles are glued together with bridges in-between allowing moisture to flow in and wet the particle from within. Another characteristic of agglomeration is better flow properties, or the ease of which a powder flows through processing equipment like capsule and tablet machines.

Maltodextrin is a highly functional ingredient which can be produced from a variety of raw materials. Insta rice trin is an agglomerated version produced from rice which is commonly considered label friendly.