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What is Encapsulated Ascorbic Acid?


Encapsulated Ascorbic acid is a more stable form of Vitamin-C that can be used in foods and dietary supplement products.  Encapsulated Ascorbic acid allows for reduced overages while better assuring end-of-shelf-life label claims due to more consistent survival through varied storage conditions.  Encapsulated Ascorbic Acid is used in baking to replace the gassing source of bromates.

Encapsulated Ascorbic Acid is ideal for nutrition bars, fortified foods, tablets and capsules.  It is effective because it protects vital nutrients without changing flavor profile or texture characteristics.  It also allows a reduction in usage compared to raw ascorbic alone.

Encapsulated Ascorbic Acid

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PrimeCAP® Offerings

Ascorbic Acid 70G-155: Encapsulated Ascorbic Acid coated with hydrogenated soy bean oil with a release of 155°F
Starting Use (pH ~4.9): Dose to desired nutritional delivery through processing and finished product shelf-life.
Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, hydrogenated soybean oil.
Particle Size: 1% Maximum on US #10
Ascorbic Acid 60-1400: Encapsulated Ascorbic acid coated with palm oil.
Starting Use (pH ~4.9): Dose to desired nutritional delivery through processing and finished product shelf-life.
Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, palm oil.
Particle Size: 2% Maximum on US #10


Each tablet formula and press vary but encapsulated ingredients make great tableting materials due to the pliable nature of the lipid based coating.

IFP uses vegetable oils for microencapsulated coating, which breaks down rapidly in the stomach of humans and non-ruminant animals.

Yes, IFP offers a variety of encapsulated Ascorbic acids suitable for your application and need. Higher or lower coating levels can be created to match your specific conditions, we have experience with encapsulated Sodium Ascorbate as well.

Consult with your regulatory or legal teams for guidance concerning the use of IFP’s ingredients in your finished products. Incidental additives and processing aids are defined in 21 CFR 101.00.

This will depend on your specific formulation, process conditions, packaging and targeted shelf-life. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you work through the numbers to find the optimal solution.

Encapsulated Ascorbic acid ingredient statements are Ascorbic acid plus the appropriate coating material.

PrimeCAP Ascorbic 70G-155 and Ascorbic 60-1400 are designed to survive process and storage temperatures approaching 155°F and release in the stomach.

For more information on IFP's Specialty Ingredients contact us at or call us at 800.997.4437. // To request samples immediately: Order Samples