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Shaker Bottle Fatigue? Agglomeration is the Answer.

Posted by Amanda Fox on Feb 27, 2017

Shaker Bottle Fatigue? Agglomeration is the Answer.

Do your customers suffer from "Shaker Bottle Fatigue Syndrome" or "SBFS"**?

Does your powder product have poor dispersibility resulting in your customer base aggressively trying to rid their protein shake of clumps?

"Shaker Bottle Fatigue" is a direct result of consumers vigorously shaking blender bottles in an attempt to make powder dissolve into liquid in high hopes of having a smooth, drinkable product. This rigorous shaking may cause significant pain and damage to both a consumer’s wrist, psyche and spirit.

Don’t let your customer base suffer anymore! With fluid-bed batch agglomeration, your consumers will no longer need a shaker bottle or increased insurance coverage to pay for shaker induced carpel tunnel syndrome!

In all seriousness, for powder products to be successful in the marketplace and for your consumers to have a successful relationship with your product, your powder beverage needs to look and taste great to the consumer on all sensory fronts. This means ensuring a smooth finished product, free of clump.

Agglomeration services ensure a highly optimized product that is free-flowing and highly dispersible in liquids. Fluid bed batch agglomeration connects multiple particles together with bridges that allow water to flow between particles to enhance solubility and create a high performance powder product.

Agglomeration is a form of particle engineering. Particle engineering is the science of modifying particles into a defined shape, size distribution, and/ or composition. Particle engineering technologies are often used to enhance the performance of ingredients and/ or formulas that have issues such as poor solubility, negative ingredient interactions or bad taste profiles. By increasing inherent functionality through particle engineering, food and beverage scientists are able to overcome challenges and deliver a higher quality, uniform product.

Remember, powder products need to taste great and deliver on solubility and functionality in a way that sets it apart.  Ease of mixing, excellent mouthfeel, and optimized sensory and nutrient profile all add to the product’s success.  Searching out a processing team with expertise in techniques that optimize powder product performance can be the key to the success of your next product launch.

** SBSF or "Shaker Bottle Fatigue Syndrome" is not an actual Syndrome (just something we made up to clearly describe the very real problem of clumping!)


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