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2016 Frost & Sullivan Award

Posted on Sep 1, 2016

2016 Frost & Sullivan Award

IFP’s PrimeCAP® range of encapsulated ingredients and processes help producers create healthier, safer, more convenient and affordable foods and beverages.

Based on its recent analysis of the food encapsulation market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Innovative Food Processors, Inc. (IFP) with the 2016 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation. IFP’s proprietary PrimeCAP® range of encapsulated ingredients offer distinct benefits, such as customization and cost efficiency, to the food and beverage industry. The microencapsulated ingredients, supplied as free-flowing powders, are available as both tailored and ready-made products.

In conventional top-down or bottom-up fluid-bed spraying systems, the particles are hit head-on with the coating droplets to form a collision effect, resulting in imperfect coating layers replete with microscopic splashes, gaps, and voids on the particle surface. IFP’s patented tangential spray system, on the other hand, has an angular impact on the powder particles of active materials, causing them to rise up and spin through a cloud of coating material. The rotating effect creates longer coating layers over the particle surface, and repeated passage through the coating zone in the fluid-bed results in the formation of multiple layers on the particle surface.

“IFP’s adoption of a tangential spray coating system in its fluid-bed processors allows the company to uniquely produce a series of smooth coating layers over the food ingredient particles in a consistent manner,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst, Afia Allapitchai. “The fabrication of multiple layers endows the particles with higher resilience against any physical stress, while the thinner coating layers create a longer path for moisture to seep through and reach the core material.”

In addition, manipulating the particle size, coating material used, and number of individual layers of coating materials deposited over the particle surface can alter the controlled interaction properties of the encapsulated food ingredients. This flexibility in manufacturing the encapsulated ingredients allows IFP to apply thinner coating layers. In the past, IFP’s encapsulation process and technologies applied nearly 40% coating on the food ingredients, it now manufactures encapsulated products with as little as 15% to 5% coating, reducing coating usage and operating costs without lowering ingredient performance.

IFP has the largest batch fluid-bed capacity in North America. The PrimeCAP® ingredients are typically manufactured using conventional fluid-bed units that are customized by IFP with sensors and controls for handling encapsulation processes. The equipment optimally processes particle sizes in the range of 50 microns to 5,000 microns in diameter, enabling ingredient use in a wide range of food applications.

The PrimeCAP® encapsulated ingredients are primarily used in the bakery, meat, confection, snack food, and beverage industries for its benefits of controlled release, flavor masking and extension, superior shelf life, and isolation of active materials until interaction is desired. Some of its key encapsulated products include hot-melt coated leavening and mold inhibition ingredients in baking, acidulants for pH control and flavor contribution in meats, and salt for inhibiting interaction with meat proteins and reducing freeze/thaw impact of salt in frozen meats and vegetables. IFP’s encapsulation process and PrimeCAP® encapsulated ingredients have a variety of applications and benefits within the food and beverage industry.




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