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2016 Frost & Sullivan Award

2016 Frost & Sullivan Award

IFP Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for 2016 Best Practices and Best Technology Innovation in the field of Food Encapsulation.

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Product Performance and Application Blog

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Food Design and Particle Engineering

Listen to IFP's Webinar on Particle Engineering and Learn More About Agglomeration & Encapsulation Techniques That Can Improve the Inherent Functionality of Your Product.

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Versatile packaging

Stick Packaging from the Powder Experts!

Our in-depth knowledge of powder packaging can help you optimize your powder product delivery!

Learn more about all of our Versatile Packaging solutions.

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Define, Develop and Deliver Your Next High Performance Powder Product

We develop and manufacture powders with precise composition, tailored sensory characteristics and optimized functionality.

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Find out more about IFP's particle engineering technologies.


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Expertise and Capacity to deliver your next Performance Powder

Find out how our turnkey manufacturing resources can help you in any stage of your powder product development process.

Concept to Retail Services

Concept to Retail

Our state-of-the-art production facilities include Agglomeration, Encapsulation and Versatile Packaging Solutions.

Specialty Ingredient Solutions

Specialty Ingredient

PrimeCAP® Encapsulated and Insta*Thick® Agglomerated ingredients are tailored for your specific product application.

Breakthrough Product Platforms

Product Platforms

Introducing Market Ready Products. Simple Ingredients, Complex Nutrition.

World Class Quality Management Systems

World Class Quality
Management Systems

NSF Registered for Dietary Supplements and SQF 2000 Level III.


Powder Agglomeration and Food Ingredient Microencapsulation Services

With over 30+ years of powder agglomeration and food ingredient microencapsulation problem solving, we guarantee optimization of your product. Our powder agglomeration and food ingredient microencapsulation services drive formulation breakthroughs that deliver powerful performance.

Our fluid-bed based agglomeration technologies guarantee high performance in solubility, taste, and sensory characteristics. We can achieve functionality and powder uniformity in food and beverage powders, instantize, improve product dispersion or flow, arrive at precise dosing, or reduce product dusting through our well defined powder agglomeration services.

IFP’s Specialty Ingredients Group is a natural extension of IFP’s fluid-bed powder processing technologies.  IFP’s patented food ingredient microencapsulation services technology produces a high performance coating system comprising multiple coat layers over the core particles surface. This allows us to coat particles to help stabilize your formulations, provide flavor enhancements and protect less stable ingredients.  

Let our powder agglomeration and food ingredient microencapsulation services take your product’s performance to the highest level.